Page of Cups and Two of Wands – The Little Things

Today’s Daily Tarot is a short one, as it’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S.  Funnily enough, the cards’ message has to do with keeping things simple and heart-centered today.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  Once we commit to staying connected to Source, it finds a way to hold that connection and keep us on the path.

Lately I’ve been so involved with my own plans, decision-making for the future, that I haven’t been as engaged with my loved ones as I’d like to be.  This is OK to do from time to time, even necessary depending on the situation, but the Two of Wands shows me that today isn’t the time for that mindset.  Because there’s the happy little Page of Cups, swooping in with something a little sweeter to share.  It’s been productive looking forward instead of back.  Now, though, it’s time to look to the goodness of the Now.  I’ve got a gift to unwrap, and am heading out to shower my own mother with appreciation for her awesomeness.  Today’s a good day to be refueled by the little things, the sharing of appreciation.  Planning and scheming can wait until tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day,



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